Cold Rooms

SBP Australia has been building cold rooms since 1987. Having gained extensive experience in the construction of cold storage facilities, SBP Australia has become a leading and well respected builder of cold storage facilities right across Australia.

SBP Australia works very closely with the food industry, including primary industries, manufacturing, cold storage and logistics.

The need for primary produce to be chilled immediately after harvest, ripened or stored at appropriate humidity and distributed has seen SBP Australia construct various projects for many local, national and multinational companies. Specialist freezers, chillers, ripening rooms, packaging rooms and loading docks are just some of the speciality building projects that SBP Australia frequently undertake.

SBP Australia is also active in the meat and export industry and has undertaken many construction projects of both abattoir and abattoir related facilities. The ability to design, construct and project manage these type of projects, which are continually improving and expanding, keep SBP Australia at the forefront of the construction of the food processing industry.

SBP Australia designs and constructs all ancillary components for cold storage facilities. These items include heavy duty wall protection, door opening protection and many different types of cold store facility doors.

Packing Sheds and Food Processing


Fast Coolers and Blast Chillers

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Ante Rooms and Cross Dock Facilities

Banana Ripening Rooms

Freezers and Chillers

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