SBP Australia designs and manufactures heavy duty racking systems which are engineered certified.

SBP Australia’s heavy duty racking systems are individually designed and manufactured in-house.  SBP Australia’s racking systems will satisfy any food storage requirements and comply with all food storage regulations.  We construct our racking systems using heavy duty steel which is hot dipped galvanised for added durability which minimises down time and costly repairs.  Our racking system ensures optimum space savings and provides safe storage for your produce.

Drive-in Racking System

Drive In Racking system

  • Multiple configurations available
  • Fixed to floor and ceiling in cold storage facility
  • All racking assembled with bolted connections
  • 1.5m entry width
  • 1.2 tonne load capacity per pallet space

Selective Racking System

  • Selective Racking systemRacking system to suit your individual needs
  • Adjustable screw footing system

Fast Cool Room or Banana Ripening Room

  • banana_ripening_roomsTwo-tier drive-in racking system
  • 1.2 tonne load capacity per pallet space
  • Racking includes ladder cage and walkway system to allow inspection and covering of produce