Meet the team

Max Burns

Max Burns, our founding director, brings over 40 years of invaluable experience to SBP, specialising in cold storage since the mid-70s. Known for his broad knowledge and practical wisdom, Max has earned the trust and respect of our clients who rely on his insights to enhance their projects. His straightforward, no-nonsense approach, combined with a genuine commitment to service, makes him an inspiring mentor to our team. Max’s dedication is the driving force behind his desire to see SBP continue to thrive and grow.

Neville Hombsch

Nev Hombsch is a cornerstone of SBP, known for his practical knowledge in building construction that he’s honed over the years. He has a knack for picking the best building practices that save time and money while foreseeing and solving potential problems before they arise. Starting his career hands-on, Nev quickly developed a love for the large-scale challenges of the commercial and industrial construction world. He’s the kind of leader who leads by example, always ready to get involved at the ground level. He takes pride in SBP’s growth and is passionate about nurturing the next generation of leaders within the company.

Tony Aisthorpe

Tony Aisthorpe is a stickler for detail, which is exactly why clients love working with him. His ability to ask the right questions and thoroughly scope out a project means clients know they’re in good hands. Tony’s deep understanding of construction bridges the gap between vision and reality seamlessly. Growing up on building sites, Tony’s love for construction runs deep, starting his career getting hands-on experience in various trades. He’s proud of the close-knit team at SBP and is dedicated to strengthening the company’s presence in the industry. Tony values every team member’s input, approaches challenges with enthusiasm, and is known for his friendly and approachable manner.