SBP Steel Fabrication

Strength and Precision

The success of our portfolio is strongly supported by our steel fabrication division, which showcases our dedication to strength, precision, and quality in every construction. With a broad range of experience in steel fabrication and manufacturing, we aim to offer solutions that are practical, durable, and of the highest quality finish.

Custom Steel Solutions

We specialise in designing and delivering custom steel products including racking, bollards, and base frames for equipment and doors. We also design and construct all ancillary components for cold storage facilities, including heavy-duty wall protection, door opening protection, stairs, handrails, and ramps. Each element is crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Specialist Racking

We design and manufacture customised racking systems to suit your needs. Compliant with all food storage regulations and engineer certified, our racking is made from heavy duty steel which is hot dipped galvanised for added durability. We’ll tailor a racking solution for your facility to optimise space and provide safe storage for your produce.

Enhancing Insulated Panel Projects

The connection between our steel fabrication and insulated panel divisions is a key aspect of our operations. This relationship ensures the structural elements of our insulated panel projects are not only efficient but also strong and durable.

Diverse Range of Applications

Our steel fabrication services cater to a diverse range of applications, from simple structures to complex designs. We are capable of handling both large-scale industrial projects and intricate, custom designs.