Quality Food Services Facility

Having experienced significant growth in the preceding 10 years, QFS needed a purpose-built facility to maximise efficiency and accommodate future growth. Based on referrals and recommendations from existing SBP Australia clients, QFS approached us to help with early design consultation, for the 5,000m² cold storage fitout prior to undertaking the full design and construction works. Located on a Federal site, close to Brisbane airport, the project required additional documentation.

We worked closely with Brisbane Airport Corporation and federal authorities to ensure the design included the required detail, and safety and security measures — particularly in relation to the use of controlled substances like ammonia. Our design introduced a docking system not previously seen in Australia. We added significant value through design amendments to the fire system, and the inclusion of elements to accommodate future growth. The new facility incorporated 12,000m² of warehouse space, including 5,700m² of cold storage, with a capacity of more than 10,000 pallets in five dedicated temperature zones. There are nine dock-level dispatch and receiving doors with air cushions to maintain the cold chain of products moving in and out.

  • Scope: Full Turnkey Design & Construct Fitout
  • Completed: 2018
  • Value: $6.1m
  • Size: 12,000m²
  • Duration: 3.5 Months

“Managing big projects is always a challenge and holds a certain amount of risk. The guys from SBP Australia think ahead from very early in the design to spot any potential problems before they become an issue. They are always available to answer questions and discuss issues throughout the whole process”

– Brian Saharin, General Manager, QFS

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